Upcoming Event: Electronic Assistive Technology in South Yorkshire

Friday 10 November 2023

Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) enables people with disabilities both physical and cognitive to have a level of independent control. 

In South Yorkshire specialised Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) is supported by the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team. Technology and the evolving digital landscape is a key element in the future of the NHS and Social Care but careful consideration of how this develops to reduce inequality and enable empowerment is essential.

On Thursday 23rd November 2023, there will be an event taking place at the AESSEAL New York Stadium in Rotherham that will see the launch of a report based on work undertaken in South Yorkshire looking at the care pathways for EAT. There will also be workshops around the key findings of the report (workforce, provision and awareness raising), to inform next steps.

All workshops will be chaired and consist of a presentation followed by discussion. Our aim for these workshops is that delegates will address the following discussion points and that Chairs will be able to feedback responses to the ICB:

  1. Prioritisation of the recommendations from the EAT project in relation to the theme and discussion generated in each workshop session.
  2. Delegation of responsibility for taking the actions forward (ownership and governance).
  3. An understanding how the recommendations and actions dovetail with other activities and initiatives across the ICB.

To find out more about the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team and to register to attend this event, please use the links below.