New paper from our Neonatal Technologies theme

Friday 18 March 2022

Our Neonatal Technologies theme lead has published a state-of-the art review article with international colleagues on emerging and future technologies for improving the care and treatment of neonates in the delivery room (DR).

It is vital that newborns, particularly high-risk infants, receive appropriate care immediately after birth during the first few golden minutes of life, as this can have a significant impact on short-term and long-term outcomes and survival rates. Innovative developments in technologies have improved neonatal monitoring; however major challenges still need to be addressed in the fetal to neonatal transition period. This review summarises the views of key opinion leaders on current technologies for the DR, what factors/criteria are important for these emerging technologies and what ideas they have for future development of technologies. Examples are also given of key technologies developed such as contactless monitoring, artificial intelligence and respiratory function monitors. It is essential that further technology development is supported by funders and industry such that optimal short-term and long-term outcomes are achieved for high-risk neonates in the DR.

Please use the link below to read the article which is fully open access.