LEGO Foundation Launches Grants to Support Early Childhood Development

Wednesday 09 March 2022

In celebration of the brand’s 90th anniversary, the LEGO Foundation has announced the Build a World of Play Challenge, a new fund which will offer approximately $147 million to organisations around the world.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), not-for-profits, research organisations and businesses can apply with innovative and transformational projects which focus on children’s wellbeing whilst also addressing global social issues.

Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • Technological innovations which will improve the quality and access of healthcare for families with young children.
  • Initiatives to make cities safer, greener, more sustainable, more playful and more accessible for children.
  • Reducing stress amongst caregivers and childcare providers, to enable them to build stronger, safer and more nurturing relationships with the children they care for.
  • Increasing the resilience and adaptivity of systems, institutions and services to better reach and support young children, families and households amidst disruptive and adverse events.
  • Providing equal access to education for girls, equal access for children with disabilities and equal access for neurodiverse children who may need extra support.

10 finalists will be selected, who will each receive approximately $1 million to strengthen their plans.

Selecting from the finalists, up to five awards will be announced by the end of 2022. Three winners will receive approximately $30 million each and two runners up will receive $15 million each.

Projects should last three to five years.

Applicants must register their interest before 4pm US Central Time on 7 April 2022.