Mr Iain Hennessey
Alder Hey Children’s Hospital



Operating on children is one of the most demanding disciplines in surgery. The huge variations in anatomy, size and physiology combine to create an obvious field for technological optimisation and innovation.

Unfortunately the small market size of children’s healthcare has often limited progress, requiring surgeons to adapt technology and equipment from the adult sphere. The aim of the paediatric surgical technology theme is to reverse this trend and to place paediatric surgery at the forefront of technological advancement.

Our flagship project is the creation of a “super surgeon program” using technology to enhance surgical abilities for the next century. This will build upon Alder Hey Innovation Hub’s existing programs of advanced visualisation, sensor design, and artificial intelligence creation.


Over the last few thousand years human biology has not really changed. The basic building block of a surgeon is a constant feature, but it has been augmented by the things we have discovered through innovation, and research. The core principle of research, innovation and education should therefore be the creation of super doctors.

The super surgeon programme is looking for innovative ideas for paediatric surgery and to identify unmet needs. They could be from high end intense surgical procedures to day to day minor procedures that happen in the community or in the home.


Mr Iain Hennessey

Iain is a Consultant Paediatric and Neonatal Surgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Iain is currently developing a long term strategy to build the worlds first “Living Hospital” by adapting emerging technologies to enable the building to care for the children within it, both medically and holistically. This work has encompassed artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, virtual reality and other consumer entertainment technologies.

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