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NIHR CYP MedTech is a world class organisation for the development of paediatric healthcare technology, driven by the views and opinions of children, young people (CYP) and family involvement. The national reach for identifying unmet needs amongst CYP and families and supporting paediatric technology acceleration is key to our success. Our ethos is to ensure that children and young people are involved at every step of the innovation pathway.

Our Theme Leads have experience and access to specific patient groups through patient organisations, charities, Patient and Public Involvement & Engagement (PPIE) groups within institutions such as the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), and specialist networks, to ensure CYP and family involvement is central to our activities. Specialist PPIE support is imperative to the successful development and delivery of paediatric technologies as experienced by our Theme Leads and PPIE Executive Lead. The involvement of CYP and their families will ensure that technology is developed for and with the user, is adopted more rapidly and is better accepted into clinical practice.

We have developed a strategy to guide our partnership working with patients, carers and the public.

Our five year PPIE Strategy incorporates the following priorities:

  • Work in partnership with CYP, families, members of the public in the design and delivery of paediatric technologies
  • Continuous improvement through patient experience and public awareness
  • Widen participation and involvement of CYP and families in NIHR CYP-MEDTECH activities
  • Grow the evidence base of the impact of CYP and family involvement and engagement in the design and delivery of paediatric technologies

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CYPmedtech were part of the ‘technology showcase’ day at the iCAN summit on Friday July 13th.  Our Clinical Director Professor Paul Dimitri spoke to the young people on ‘Advancing the health of children and young people through technology’.

We would like to thank everyone who attended to showcase their technologies and of course the young people who took part and gave some new ideas on how we can all work together to solve some common issues in child health. For further details take a look at the iCAN newsletter.