We aim to include children, young people, and families at every stage of the innovation pathway


We believe that patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) is fundamental to the successful development and delivery of technologies for child health.

The involvement of children, young people, and their families ensures that technology is developed for and with the user, adopted more rapidly, and better accepted into clinical practice.

Our ethos is to ensure that children, young people, families are involved at every stage of the innovation pathway. We work closely with both local and national patient involvement groups.


Jen Preston

Jen Preston leads our PPIE work.

Jen joined the NIHR Clinical Research Network in 2005 as a full-time Consumer Liaison Officer for the Medicines for Children Research Network. For 13 years, Jen’s main role has been to develop and implement a strategy for involving children, young people, parents and carers in all aspects of health research to ensure the inclusion of a lay perspective in the design and delivery of paediatric research.

Jen set up and currently co-ordinates GenerationR.


GenerationR consists of many Young People’s Advisory Groups (YPAGs), based around the UK. The YPAGs meet regularly to learn about clinical and other health related research and discuss how to make it work better for young people.

GenerationR has enabled hundreds of young people to have a voice in research design and delivery both nationally and internationally.

GenerationR is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.


Our five year PPIE strategy includes the following strategic priorities:

  • Work in partnership with children, young people, families, and members of the public in the design and delivery of paediatric medical technologies
  • Continuously improve through patient experience and public awareness
  • Widen participation and involvement of children, young people, families in NIHR CYP MedTech activities
  • Grow the evidence base of the impact of children, young people, family involvement and engagement in the design and delivery of paediatric technologies

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