TITCH Network

TITCH is a dedicated paediatric technology network.

What is TITCH?

TITCH is a national healthcare technology network that is dedicated to the development of technology solutions to help improve children’s healthcare.

This is achieved by focusing on the identification of areas of unmet need where new technology could have an impact for child health.

TITCH also identifies where innovative technologies can lead to best clinical practice and stimulates the adoption of these across the TITCH network.


This national paediatric technology network was established to help address the problems associated with the niche and often neglected market for technology in this field.

The TITCH network provides a platform for the essential and expert multi-stakeholder relationships required to ensure that the very best innovations are developed and commercialised for the benefit of children and families.

In 2014, the TITCH network was created bring together Specialist Children’s Hospitals and Units, District General Hospitals, Academic Health Science Networks, and Healthcare Technology Co-operatives to work collaboratively to support growth of the child health technology sector by offering scalable opportunity to industry.

The TITCH Network will continue to provide clinicians, academics, and industry access to a wealth of clinical expertise supporting technology development, clinical evaluation, and adoption.

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