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One of the most important aspects of ensuring the successful introduction of child health technology into the NHS is ensuring rapid clinical evaluation. By introducing new paediatric technologies to clinical staff, children, young people and their families before approaching the procurement stage will ensure that technologies are fit for purpose, can be integrated into or adapted for clinical service delivery, and importantly receive the approval by the end-user. Ensuring that new medical technologies for paediatric healthcare receive approval and support from children and young people is fundamental to NIHR CYPMedTech.

The new National Paediatric Test Bed supported and delivered by NIHR CYPMedTech and the TITCH Network brings together Specialist Children’s Trusts and Centres across the country to support the rapid clinical evaluation of child health technologies in hospital and community settings. The connectivity and collaboration between paediatric centres and specialities provides innovators with the opportunity to trial child health technologies at pace with leading paediatric healthcare specialists. For further information about the National Paediatric Test Bed, please contact us.