Current funding opportunities

Public Health Research Programme: Researcher-led (19/89)
National Institute for Health Research

19 November 2019, 13:00
No limit
No limit

The programme funds research to generate evidence to inform the delivery of non-NHS interventions, specifically new knowledge on the benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of non-NHS interventions intended to improve the health of the public and reduce inequalities in health.

Research for Patient Benefit Programme: Competition 40
National Institute for Health Research

20 November 2019, 13:00
No limit
No limit

This programme funds research proposals that are concerned with the day-to-day practice of health service staff, and which have the potential to have an impact on the health or wellbeing of patients and users of the NHS. Both quantitative and qualitative research studies can be funded as long as there is a clear trajectory to patient benefit.

Collaborative Awards in Science
Wellcome Trust

21 November 2019, 17:00
Up to £4 million
Up to 5 years

Collaborative Awards promote the development of new ideas and speed the pace of discovery. This grant funds teams of researchers, consisting of independent research groups, to work together on the most important scientific problems that can only be solved through collaborative efforts. Each applicant should be leading their own research group.

Collaboration Fund
White Rose University Consortium

27 November 2019, 17:00
Between £8k – 11k per project
Up to 12 months

This Fund supports and encourages emerging collaborations across the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, and York and to support projects which have the potential to lead to larger more strategic initiatives.

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme: Researcher-led (19/100)
National Institute for Health Research

27 November 2019, 13:00
No limit
No limit

This programme funds ambitious studies evaluating interventions that have the potential to make a step-change in the promotion of health, treatment of disease, and improvement of rehabilitation or long-term care. The interventions may include diagnostic or prognostic tests and decision-making tools, drugs or biological compounds, psychological treatments, medical devices, and public health initiatives delivered within the NHS.

Invention for Innovation (i4i) Product Development Awards: Call 19
National Institute for Health Research

11 December 2019, 13:00
No limit
Up to 3 years

i4i Product Development Awards support innovations at any stage of the translational research and development pathway, including the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions. Research proposals must include applicants from two organisation types: an NHS Trust, higher education institution, or small-to-medium-sized enterprise.

SME Support to Evaluate Innovative Medical Technologies: Round 5
Innovate UK

11 December 2019, 12:00
Up to £100 or £500k depending on the project
Between 3-12 months

This programme supports developers of innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and regulated digital technology to evaluate their product in a real world clinical setting.

All projects must be led by a UK based SME. You can choose from 2 options:

  1. Planning and preparation for a study, for which total eligible project costs can be up to £100,000.
  2. A study to collect clinical performance and cost-effectiveness data, for which total project costs can be up to £500,000.

Programme Development Grants: Competition 26
National Institute for Health Research

18 December 2019, 13:00
Up to £150k
Between 12-14 months

This grant funds preparatory work for a future programme of research, including but not limited to: team strengthening and collaboration building; selection of outcome measures; methodological work/method development (e.g. development of new scales or outcome measures); observational and/or epidemiological work to obtain information that would place the future programme on firmer foundations; evidence synthesis; development of arrangements for patient and public involvement; and stakeholder engagement.

PDGs will also support further development of an existing or ongoing programme of research, including but not limited to: knowledge mobilisation activities (e.g. engagement, enhanced dissemination, commercialisation etc); secondary data analysis; and endeavours to facilitate and achieve implementation.

Public Health Research Programme Rapid Funding Scheme
National Institute for Health Research

31 December 2019, 13:00
Up to £50k
Up to 6 months

This programme funds to rapid baseline data collection, as well as other feasibility work, prior to intervention implementation, for unique, time-limited opportunities such as a natural experiment or similar evaluations of a new public health intervention. This scheme is not intended to fund studies which provide definitive answers to questions to inform service provision – it is to prepare for such studies.

Smart Grants
Innovate UK

08 January 2020, 12:00
Between £25k – £2 million
Between 6 – 36 months

This call funds ambitious or disruptive research and development innovations that can make a significant impact on the UK economy. Innovations can be across a variety of technologies, markets and research categories, including: feasibility and market research; industrial research; and experimental development. Projects can be at different levels of technological maturity, up to but not including commercialisation.

Health Technology Assessment Programme: Researcher-led (19/102)
National Institute for Health Research

08 January 2020, 13:00
No limit
No limit

Health Technology Assessment research is undertaken where some evidence already exists to show that a technology can be effective and this needs to be compared to the current standard intervention to see which works best. Research can evaluate any intervention used in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of disease, provided the study outcomes lead to findings that have the potential to be of direct benefit to NHS patients.

Proof of Feasibility
Grow MedTech

10 January 2020, 17:00
Up to £20k
Up to 6 months

Funding is available to support early stage feasibility and de-risking of technologies: investigating or demonstrating the feasibility of a technology concept, early stage prototype development and testing, and ensuring that the technology is designed to meet the demands of the end user from the outset. The funding should be used to accelerate technologies towards commercialisation or clinical adoption, and assists in attracting follow on or external funding.

Innovator Awards
Wellcome Trust

Apply online at any time, shortlisting occurs every 3 months
Up to £500k (or £750k for multidisciplinary collaborations)
Up to 24 months (or 36 months for multidisciplinary collaborations)

Innovator Awards are open to researchers who are developing healthcare innovations that could have a major and measurable impact on human health. You can work in any scientific discipline, including a discipline outside life sciences. You can work on any type of technology. Examples of technologies include: therapeutics (small molecules or biologics); vaccines; devices; diagnostics; digital technologies; and regenerative medicine. The work that you propose must be essential for developing your healthcare innovation.

Healthcare Technologies: Call for Investigator-led Research Projects

Open call
Flexible depending on quality and demand
No limit

This call is aimed at researchers working in Engineering, Physical Sciences, ICT, and Mathematical Sciences that are now seeking to apply their research expertise to a defined healthcare challenge. Applications to this call must be clearly aligned to the Healthcare Technologies theme Grand Challenges: Developing Future Therapies; Frontiers of Physical Intervention; Optimising Treatment; and Transforming Community Health and Care.

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