Working together to inspire young people to explore Science, Medicine, Art, Research and Technology

Thursday 16 March 2023

After years of hard work and determination, a fantastic team at the National Institute for Health and Social Care (NIHR) Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility have set up a Science Club to inspire young people to get involved with science, medicine, art, research and technology at their local youth club.

Bringing this amazing idea to fruition was unfortunately hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the perseverance demonstrated by Jenny and Sammy, the patient and public involvement team at Alder Hey, has paid off for the young people of Liverpool. The aim of this club is to work together with children and young people from hard-to-reach communities to run sessions that raise awareness about the brilliant work carried out by the Alder Hey facility and their partners (including what we do at NIHR CYP MedTech!).

The project will initially run as a 12 month pilot, with weekly sessions open to children aged 8-14 years. The club will provide a space for young people to learn about research from people currently in the field by taking part in hands on activities with their peers and visiting researchers that are keen to share their knowledge, passion and experiences. By consistently working with the young people to structure the sessions in a way that suits them, the team hope to inspire the next generation to pursue new interests and get more involved in their community.

Meet the team that are working hard to inspire the young people of Liverpool and provide an interactive and enjoyable learning space.

The first session of the Science Club took place earlier this month and has already received amazing feedback. To find out more about the session and the fantastic activities the team ran, please use the link below: