Xploro offer their award winning app for free to children and young people with cancer

Friday 17 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has presented a great variety of challenges for both patients and the NHS.

Many companies are therefore reaching out to offer patients and NHS services access to their knowledge, expertise, and resources.

NIHR CYP MedTech collaborator and award winning health information platform Xploro are now offering their platform free of charge to any family in the UK with a child currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Xploro uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to children and young people in a way which makes them feel empowered, engaged, and informed. The platform is highly interactive, allowing young people to create avatars of their key care workers, explore their hospital environment to learn about the tools and machinery used in their care, and features an avatar chatbot designed to recognise and understand children’s language and spelling.

Read Dom Raban’s (Xploro CEO and Co-founder) message to children, young people, and families currently undergoing cancer treatment, including details of how to access Xploro for free, below.