The Tookie CYP MedTech Super Hero Emerges

Friday 03 April 2020

In February, NIHR CYP MedTech welcomed Tookie Ltd. and TechMed3D to Sheffield Children’s Hospital (SCH), to use TechMed3D’s pioneering virtual body mapping technology, to 3D map the torso of an SCH patient with highly complex enteral nutrition needs. The aim of this, to allow Tookie to create a bespoke Tookie garment for him, that will prevent him from removing and damaging the lines, plugs and devices fixed to his torso, which he requires for enteral feeding. This damage can result in infection; a great amount of worry for their family, along with otherwise unnecessary hospital visits, surplus to his usual treatment needs (read more about this event here).

The event was a success, producing a detailed upper body virtual scan of our patient, praised by Tookie, CYP MedTech and our patient’s parents. Since February, the Tookie team have been busy using the positional data of our patient’s lines and devices from the scan, to design a garment that would secure and prevent our patient from accessing his devices.

The Tookie team have liaised with the family at every step of the way and are proud to announce that they have drafted a final design, vetted by the family, with all believing that the garment will fulfil its purpose, giving the family greater peace of mind regarding his health and quality of life.

The design features a variety of components, including detachable windows that allow access to the patient’s body, embedded neoprene patches to prevent device tugging and plastic press studs, fully X-ray and MRI compliant, for easy removal of the garment.

The garment has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support for our patient and the Tookie team have gone the extra mile to tailor the garment to our patients taste and personality; designing the garment in his favourite colour, ensuring the sleeves are short and including superhero graphics for added fun!

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is more vital than ever that vulnerable patients and their families are able to keep away from hospital environments and innovative MedTech solutions, such as this, help to alleviate their worries and ensure that we deliver the best available care to our patients.

Here is what the parents of our patient had to say about the final designs:

“We absolutely love the ‘Tookie superhero’ it looks fabulous.  Now more than ever it’s so important to keep our son away from hospital, he’s really pulling his central line and we are having to be next to him all the time to stop him pulling off the dressing.  Thank you so much, a little bit of magic in such unprecedented times!”

The Tookie team will now set about producing a rapid first prototype from the designs, so that the family get maximum benefit from their garment during the difficult times that lay ahead for patients and the wider healthcare community.

To keep up to date with further progress from our collaboration on this project and see how our family get on with the finished garment, visit the Tookie and CYP MedTech websites and twitter accounts!