Bridging the Gap 2 Conference

Wednesday 12 December 2018

NIHR CYP MedTech was given the opportunity to display an exhibition stand at the Bridging the Gap 2 Conference organised by the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (YHAHSN).

The event enabled NIHR CYP MedTech to make connections with other health technology innovators which included clinicians, academics, industry and healthcare organisations.

The conference included informative sessions on the role of the AHSN, insights into marker access, product evaluation and development of a commercial engagement strategy. In the afternoon, there were breakout sessions on the Innovation Exchange, the NHS Apps library, NICE services, NHS co-design and co-creation and the NHS Innovator Accelerator Programme.

There was also a breakout session on National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) infrastructure and support provided for industry. Claire Woods, the NIHR Business Development Manager gave a good overview of the NIHR and the current MedTech funding landscape. Professor Paul Dimitri, the CYP MedTech Clinical Director also introduced the Medtech and In vitro diagnostics Co-operatives (MICs) and the role and objectives of CYP MedTech. Paul Dimitri illustrated the challenges associated with paediatric technology development and what CYP MedTech is doing to accelerate the development of innovations to address key paediatric unmet medical needs.

The event was attended by a large number of delegates and there was a lot of opportunity for networking with each other. Delegates were also able to get advice on areas including NHS engagement, value proposition development and case study development.

The conference highlighted how AHSN support can bridge the gap between industry and the NHS, as well as the availability of national programmes and resources to support the development of new innovations for improved healthcare delivery.